The perfect lifestyle magazine web design


I've always wanted to design a men’s lifestyle magazine website but never had the chance. That's why, during my spare time, I decided to do this as a side project. I took GQ as a base. It has awesome editorials and visuals. It looks fabulous as a print magazine but lacks when it comes to online presence.

UX design 
Visual design

I decided to make it both stylish and elegant, a style which suits both the magazine name and its print design. The task was rather complicated. I took the most popular page types and designed them from the ground up. My goal was to embrace the content: to make sure the typography and beautiful photographs were kings. All responsive, obviously.

The main page is obviously the central hub and heart of the website. It needs to encourage the user to explore, yet, it also needs  to be readable and clean so one can quickly scan through it. When you're talking about GQ, it also needs to have some class.

Main Page Design


Here you can take a closer look at some of the elements of the website. Now, I encourage you to observe the elegant yet contemporary typography. Also, some minor details, work as well as a perfect pocket square. Small things make all the difference.

Detailed View

Below is a showcase of some of the other screens I've designed. From the article page up to galleries and articles. Everything is stylish and clean. You could say that the motto of this project was "Elegant Simplicity". Of course, all the logos, photos and video screens are the property of GQ and Conde Nast.

Other Screens

Mobile Design