One System: Online CRM Tool

One System is an online tool for easy company finance management. Invoicing, project and client management, accounting - all in one service. We teamed up with our friends from headsApp to design and implement it.

Our mission was to help the One System team design an intuitive and beautiful product. After many iterations and tests we came up with the final wireframes and visual style for the tool. We were also responsible for the product landing page and overseeing the design implementation.

UX design, Visual design

Trim Tab


We designed both the CRM web app and landing page for the tool. The landing page was meant as a place where a potential client could get to know the tool, its advantages, ask questions and most importantly, buy a subscription. Below you can see a few of the LP screens we designed.



We've also designed a landing page for the app. Both designs, the landing page and the app itself, needed to be coherent. We achieved that by using the same typography, grid and color palette. Because of this kind of approach we were able to keep the same look & feel, as you can see below.