Biedronka Mobile App

Biedronka is a Polish retailer that operates large retail stores that offer a multitude of goods. It’s the biggest discount retailer in Poland and one of the biggest in Europe. Nonetheless its market-leader position Biedronka presence in an online and mobile world almost did not exist. That’s why, back than in 2012 we’ve teamed up with Digi Nation to design a concept for Biedronka first mobile application for their clients.

How the perfect app for discount retailer would look like? What features would make it unreplecable for Biedronka clients? What would make them return? That were the main question swe asked ourselves.

Product design, UX design, Visual design

Digi Nation


The answer turned out to be trivial. After many interviews with Biedronka Clients we’ve discovered that majority of them do grocery shopping there. We also discovered that they have problem with deciding what to buy. We’ve decided to focus on that.



We decided that the app should inspire people: tell them how to cook a delicious meal for the whole family, what do they need to prepare it and how they can save money while shopping.

We’ve decided to divide the app into three main sections: Biedronka, Recipes and Shopping list. Biedronka is a place where you can find info about latest special promos such as Italian Week or simply find the nearest market. In recipes section one can find delicious recipes and learn how to prepare them, how much will it cost and then add all the ingredients to a shopping list. The shopping list section is simply a place where you can find all of your lists.



We’ve designed this concept before iOS 7 come to a light thats why the concept of skeuomorphism  is still present. And after all this years we still think that it looks very strong and attractive thanks to the pixel perfect approach and rich visuals that embrace the content itself. You can judge it yourself!