PGE National Stadium Mobile App

PGE National Stadium is the most modern multipurpose arena in Europe and one of the most modern on the world. In 2013 it was the most popular place in Poland, being visited by 1,300,000 guests in a year.

PGE National Stadium is a host of all major events starting from soccer games, automotive events (Top Gear, Nitro Circus Live) up to World Class stars concerts (Paul McCartney, Beyonce, Depeche Mode, Roger Waters) and family events and smaller social and business events.

UX design, Visual design



In 2012 we were asked (in partnership with headsApp) to prepare a concept of a mobile app for the arena. We’ve decided to divide it into two main parts: one for business clients (business clients are very important for the arena) and one for people interested in social and mass events. Because National Stadium had its own visual identity designed before we had to stick to it. One of the main concepts of the Identity system is a color scheme splitting business and “individual” sections. We embraced this rule in our concept design.




We’ve started with the part aimed at a mass audience. Because there are many events and social activities organized at the Stadium it was crucial to create a solution that can keep people well informed. That’s why we based our concept around the calendar theme. That’s the main hub of an application from which you can check all the events, exhibitions or activities that take place at the Stadium. Unfortunately this design was never implemented.