Personal finances for lazy people

Take control over your personal finances: keep track of your expenses. Get to know your spending patterns and prevent money from leaking.

The most efficient finance tool out there

Quick and efortless
We built Blinq to be as fast, effective and intuitive as possible.

Apple Watch App
Blinq comes with Apple Watch companion app to help you track your expenses even faster.

Quick and efortless
Blinq takes advantage of the newest iOS 10 features like lock screen widgets or quick access menu. 

iCLoud Sync
Your personal data is stored at your iCloud drive. That's a top-notch security of your data.

User Centered
Blinq comes with no third party synchronizations. We want to force you to think while spending money.

No registration needed
We don't want to access your secure data, bank or PayPal accounts info. 

3 steps to healthy finances

Track your expenses. Quickly.

With Blinq you can make it in a few seconds. Either on your Apple Watch or via iPhone App or even Quick Access tools straight from your phone Springboard. We want you to do everything manually to force you to think while spending money.

Analyse your Expenses

At the end of each month, take some time to analyse your spendings. Get to know where you spent too much money. Take some time to think about your finances - Blinq is a tool that's made to encourage you to do this.

Save Money

So you spent too much money last month? Set a budget limit and try not to exceed it. We believe that conscious money spending is a key to healthy finances and we believe Blinq is the best tool for you to start thinking about your personal finances.

Track your expenses in 
just blink of an eye

What's the story?

Financial security is one of the keys to stress-free life. Yet, many people struggle to keep their funds balanced because they don’t understand their personal finances. Keeping track of your spendings is a key to learn where and when your money leaks and, in the end, saving them. 

People fail in keeping track of their finances because it’s difficult and time consuming. Personal finance apps tend to be confusing and overcomplicated when most of us need quick and efficient tool instead.

Blinq solves this problem. As cliche as it may sound we believe that because of its simplicity Blinq is an one of a kind app: It makes you think about your purchases while making it as quick and easy as possible. It’s a powerful tool for busy people.